Alpaca Infinity Scarves

Our gorgeous Alpaca Infinity Scarf is available in a variety of beautiful and saturated colors and can be worn in an “infinite” number of ways. Super warm, hypoallergenic scarf for both women and men. Check out How to Wear An Infinity Scarf.

Alpaca scarves are warmer and yet lighter in weight than wool!
Since alpaca is 40% warmer than sheep’s wool by weight, alpaca scarves can be made 40% lighter and yet still remain warmer than heavier wool scarves. Plus, Alpaca fiber’s natural characteristic to breathe helps to wick moisture away much more efficiently than sheep’s wool.

Our Alpaca Infinity Scarves are made from a proprietary blend of 85% alpaca and 15% bamboo (also known as polyimide and rayon from Bamboo and some specialized types of acrylic). This creates a luxuriously soft scarf with additional strength, durability, and memory—so it can be more easily washed and helps to maintain their appearance over time. Bamboo fiber is also super-soft and hypoallergenic—just like alpaca fiber. This is MY CHOICE to create a better product that withstands use and is easier to launder.


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