Purchase Financing, Terms and Conditions

Financing Terms

Villa de Alpacas offers many different financing options. We are extremely flexible and creative in trying to meet the needs of our clients in the best ways possible. Generally, our clients come up with their own payment plans; we always do our best to make things work well for all parties involved. Unsurpassed customer service in every alpaca purchase is our creed. Therefore, let us know what works best for you, and we will do our best to make it happen. Every alpaca sale is different and has its own special circumstances; therefore, we do not have financing terms set in stone. Please call us to discuss your own, unique situation so that we can make it work now!

Boarding and Transportation

Every alpaca sale is unique. In most circumstances, Villa de Alpacas will provide delivery of the alpaca to the purchaser free of charge. Villa de Alpacas also provides 60 days of free boarding after the sale; boarding alpacas must be have full insurance coverage. My goal is also to meet the needs of the purchaser in the best way possible; therefore, I am very flexible in boarding and transportation requirements, based on the individualized requirements of the purchaser. All questions regarding these issues will be fully addressed and listed in the alpaca sales contract before signatures are obtained.

Guarantees and Warranties

Full guarantees and warranties are fully explained in Villa de Alpacas’ sales contract. We have different sales contracts based on the type of alpaca being sold. Please contact us for copies of our contract or to discuss these guarantees in full. Alpacas are sold with full farm & reproductive guarantees. If there are unexpected reproductive problems concerning a sale, Villa de Alpacas will replace the alpaca in question with a comparable animal or refund the purchase price. Our clients’ success & happiness is our own success and our most primary goal. We make every transaction a wonderful and profitable experience for our buyers – no doubt about it! Many references are certainly available upon request, and we are extremely proud of our long list of happy and successful alpaca buyers! Our clients become friends for life!