Unsurpassed Post-Sale Service Support

Villa de Alpacas provides unsurpassed post-sale service support to all clients. Our goal is to help every purchaser with every aspect of the alpaca ownership experience, not only with farm layout and set-up, but with medical husbandry, herd health, and birthing issues. Your success is our success and happiness; therefore, we openly and happily share with you our experiences of not only caring for these wonderful animals, but also all the intricacies of owning a profitable alpaca business. We have been doing this since 1996, and have learned many things “the hard way” due to being one of the first in the business—specially in Southern Maryland. Our goal is to help every client as much as possible, so they don’t have to learn things “the hard way.”

Our long list of clients can tell you how comfortable and happy they are with our unsurpassed support. We are just a “phone call away” AT ALL TIMES OF THE DAY in helping our clients solve their problems!

Best Pauleen the Queen (Medium)Pricing and Terms

We provide all services free of charge with the purchase of alpacas from our farm. Included in the alpaca business support is a free copy of our business plan and Excel Spreadsheets which detail every aspect of a successful alpaca business so that our clients can model their own plans which best fit their needs. This business plan is most inclusive and unsurpassed in providing valuable information to the new alpaca business owner. We also provide the same amount of detail with medical husbandry.

Additional Details

We promise every client that he or she will not find better and easily accessible support from any one else in the alpaca industry! If your farm is located within a day’s travel distance by car, we will gladly assist in setting up your farm for doing “herd health” in the most efficient and less stressful manner as possible for you and your alpacas. We will also assist you in your first couple of months of herd health, so that we can show you some of our “tricks” and set-ups in making you feel more comfortable with your new animals. We also assist in alpaca birthing and give advice and support concerning crias which may need a little more help than usual in getting the best start possible.

All of this is offered free of charge to our clients. We can provide you with a long list of clients who can tell you that this type of support is unparalleled in the alpaca sales industry, most especially compared to what they have received from other sellers! We welcome this opportunity!