Alpaca. There’s nothing else like it.


Villa de Alpacas produces natural and dyed alpaca yarns, and artistic fiber products including one-of-a-kind blankets, sweaters, scarves, shawls, and capes. Most of our dark and rare colors are kept completely natural in our yarn and products (black, mahogany, rose grey, and silver grey, for example), but we love to dye our light fawn fleece with Jacquard and Cushing Dyes to achieve incredibly gorgeous colors with depth of color saturation! We also blend alpaca with silk and other fibers on our Feltlooms to create the finest textiles in vivid, saturated colors.

alpaca-blankets-and-pillows“Farm Signature” Products

Our “Farm Signature Products” include alpaca blankets made in the U.S.A. from our own alpacas’ fleece. Each blanket has different designs and colors—no two are exactly the same. We work very closely with textile artisans from Otavalo, Ecuador who have helped us generate some truly outstanding alpaca products. We make every effort for each product to contain some of our own fleece—from alpacas raised on our farm (bred, born, shorn, cared for, and loved as members of our family).

Light Cyan Shawl 1Another Farm Signature Product is our Scarf/Shawl – made primarily from suri fleece – dyed with saturated colors (earth friendly and healthy/hypo-allergenic dyes only). Black fleece is then woven throughout the textile to add tremendous depth to the already vivid colors. Please see our “Garden Angel” modeling the different colors of our Scarf/Shawl which can be ordered directly from this website. Our Scarf/Shawls are approximately 75 inches by 25 inches. They can be doubled around the neck to wear as the perfect and most comfortably warm scarf, or opened up completely to be worn as a shawl. These are most flexible and versatile textiles, as they can be worn casually or as an elegant addition to any type of wardrobe.

Solid colored Alpaca blankets (measuring 88 inches by 64 inches) can also be ordered here. This size will fit a twin/full size bed completely or laid out on the bottom section of a queen to king size bed without going directly to the head. Yet the primary purpose of these blankets, though, is to add a sophisticated touch of color to any room. It is the perfect color accent to brighten any interior design. Thus these blankets can also be used as the “perfect throw” as well. Colors are similar to our Scarf/Shawls – vivid and most saturated colors with some black interwoven within the fleece to add depth. Dyes are earth friendly, safe, and hypo-allergenic. You cannot find a warmer or softer textile for its price. And all of it is made with love and care – starting with the loving care of the animal!

Alpaca yarnAlpaca Yarn

Each year, Villa de Alpacas makes special yarn from the fleece of our own alpaca crias. This is the finest and softest alpaca fiber in the world, and is absolutely gorgeous in natural and dyed colors—all for sale at Villa de Alpacas! Quantities are very limited as this product is strictly from our own alpacas’ fleece and made only in the U.S.A. We also sell 100% suri yarn in natural and dyed colors. Call today for availability.

Made in the U.S.A.

Our goal is to have all of our products made in the U.S.A. with either some or all of its content made with our own animals’ fleece. Angel, herself, does all of the alpaca and llama shearing on the farm! No animals are harmed in this process, and Angel takes great care in making sure the animals are treated very well during the shearing process.

Please call 301-888-CRIA or Contact Us for more information. All sales help maintain our Bicentennial Farm – one of only 4 left in entire state of Maryland. We are the only Bicentennial Farm completely sustained by its animals and products generated from the farm. We are also the only farm completely run by one woman—me!

Design Samples

Alpaca blankets

We Ship Alpaca Gifts and Textiles

Our unique, artistic, and one-of-a-kind alpaca clothing and textiles make the very best gifts for Christmas or any special occasion. To order products to be shipped to you, shop our web site or call 301-888-2742. We look forward to serving you!

Note: Due to burdening regulations in the State of California regarding e-commerce sales, it is not cost-effective for our small family farm to ship to California addresses at this time. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.