All Season Lightweight Alpaca Blankets

These super lightweight alpaca blankets are warm and cozy—perfect for every season! With amazing saturated colors, these blankets and throws add a decorative accent to any room, and their breathability makes them the perfect weight all year… just enough for indoor air conditioning and cool summer nights.

Alpaca blankets and throws are warmer and yet lighter in weight than wool! Our Alpaca Blankets and Throws are made with value added processing using a proprietary blend of 80% alpaca fiber and 20% bamboo (also known as polyimide and rayon from Bamboo and some specialized types of acrylic), creating a luxuriously soft blanket with more strength, durability, and memory. This makes our alpaca blankets and throws much easier to wash and helps to maintain their appearance over time. Bamboo fiber is also super-soft and hypoallergenic—just like alpaca fiber. This is MY CHOICE to create a better product.

Our alpaca blankets contain no lanolin (like wool blankets), and do not have the “prickle factor” found in sheep’s wool since the cuticle on the alpaca’s hair shaft is super smooth. Looking at sheep’s wool under a microscope looks like you are viewing a miniature barbed wire. Whereas the cuticle of the alpaca’s hair shaft is very smooth and soft to the touch. For these reasons, our textiles also tend to stay cleaner than products made from sheep’s wool.

Alpaca Blanket Care
Our alpaca blankets and throws can be washed in your washing machine’s most gentle cycle with cold water and cold rinse using a conditioning human hair shampoo in place of soap. Blankets can be placed in a dryer under very low heat or no heat. Though heat will not ruin the blanket, it can cause shrinkage and is not recommended. We also recommend the use of many dryer sheets when drying your alpaca blanket. more

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