Alpaca Textile Art Studio & Product Store

Open by Appointment Only!

We accept all forms of payment – all major credit cards (Amex/Visa/MC/Discover & Debit) and all checks. Please note that our online farm store is still being built. To purchase products you see on our site, please schedule a visit or call 301-888-2742 to place your order.

Natural Fiber Products and Textiles for Sale

We make every effort to generate all of our products on our own looms of our own fiber, or in the USA as locally as possible.

  • “Farm Signature Products” for Sale including alpaca scarves/shawls, blankets, capes, vests, and sweaters blended with silk, bamboo, and other natural fibers to create vivid, saturated colors; made on 3 of our commercial looms including 2 FeltLOOMs.
  • Many artistic alpaca and llama fiber products—most being “one of a kind” items—loomed and hand-finished from our own animals’ fleece. We “hand dye” our light fawn fleece with Jacquard and Cushing Dyes resulting in incredibly beautiful and unique results. Dark and rare-colored fleece and fiber are kept completely natural.
  • Signature Alpaca Vests: made from our gorgeous, natural, undyed alpaca fiber in browns, greys, and blacks for color and softness that will last a lifetime.
  • 100% Alpaca Boot Insoles and Alpaca Felted Purses
  • Alpaca Socks: maximum softness and durability
  • If our textiles and products are not generated right at our family farm in Maryland, then every effort is made to have our products made in the USA from our own animals who are bred, born, shorn, loved, truly pampered, and cared for as important and integral members of our family.