Geometric Alpaca Blanket – Angel’s Favorite Cranberry, Purples, Tans & Teals (v3.0)

Geometric Alpaca Blanket – Angel’s Favorite Cranberry, Purples, Tans & Teals (v3.0)


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Reversible alpaca blanket with beautiful Cranberry and Teals geometric pattern. Angel’s favorite! Approx. size: 92″ x 82″.

This gorgeous combination of colors is truly one of Angel’s favorites! We’ve designated this alpaca blanket as “Version 3.0” of our “Cranberry, Purples, Tans & Teals” geometric pattern because we’ve changed the placement of the various colors in the pattern compared to the original blanket design. It’s equally beautiful, but we want to make sure that anyone repurchasing additional blankets understands that it will be slightly different.

Out of stock


Our beautiful, premium quality alpaca blanket offers ultra-soft, luxurious warmth at a price you won’t likely find anywhere else! Comparable blankets sell for more than $450 at high-end stores! Our heirloom alpaca blankets are colored with vivid Cushing and Jacquard Dyes which will never run or fade. Alpaca fiber contains no lanolin or oils, and the cuticle is super smooth and tight. This allows alpaca fiber to hold dye extremely well. All blankets are completely reversible with a contrasting design on the back. It’s like getting two blankets in one! Villa de Alpacas’ Alpaca Blankets are very soft, yet super sturdy—designed and generated to last a life-time.

Approx. size: 92″ x 82″

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